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How To Read HDB Floorplan Layout.

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HDB floorplan layout is essential for prospective homebuyers to visualize their home space. It is also useful for direct contractors to plan the layout and design according to homeowners requirements and needs.


Structural Walls (Orange), Normal Walls (Green)
  • Structural Walls – Structural Walls provides support for the HDB Flat structure which also contributes to sound insulation and fire protection. Structural walls are load-bearing, they cannot be easily removed or hacked.
  • Normal Walls – Normal walls are feature that provides privacy and separation between the home space. Normal walls can be hacked away easily therefore it can be essential for homeowners who intend to create an opened living space

Swing Doors (Orange), Folding Doors (Green)
  • Swing Doors – Swing doors are doors that open on hinges, swinging forward or backwards. Swing doors used to separate rooms especially between the bedroom area and living room.
  • Folding Doors – Folding doors are designed to be foldable when not in use. Folding doors are commonly used at compact spaces such as bathrooms and service yard for a space-saving addition.

Casement Windows (Orange), Sliding Windows (Green)
  • Sliding Windows – Sliding windows are windows that slides horizontally to open and close. It is a popular demand among HDB homeowners as do not take up space when opened.
  • Casement Windows – Casement are windows that are hinged on one side and open outwards, like a door. Casement windows are larger than sliding windows therefore providing a better ventilation.

HDB floorplan layouts can be obtained from the HDB directly. It is essential to understand and speak to an interior designer that expertise in HDB Resale Flats home renovation as each home vary between the housing type and size.

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